One of the primary rules of Wildlife Management is to harvest or utilize natural resources. Trapping is an accepted and selective management tool for this harvest. In many cases, trapping is the only means we have of providing a proper harvest of our furbearing animals.

A well conducted harvest of furbearers ensures a healthy and stable population of these animals while allowing South Dakotans to benefit financially from the sales of these valuable furs. A well conducted harvest assists farmers and ranchers by controlling nuisance animals before they have an opportunity to damage livestock, poultry, crops or personal property. A well conducted harvest also assists in the control of predatory animals, thereby benefiting pheasants, waterfowl, and other upland game species in areas of diminishing habitat

Trapping remains today as a valuable management tool in the management and control of our many furbearing species. Harvesting is essential to the best interests of all abundant furbearer species, and the steel trap is needed today as much as ever to serve the best interests of the species and that of man.
South Dakota Trappers Association
Photos From 2013 Spring Convention Howard, SD

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2014 Spring Convention

May 3, 2014, Howard, SD Fairgrounds

Doors Open9:00 AM
Jeff Clark-Fox Trapping10:00 AM
Youth Trapping Program11:00 AM
Matt Bennett Coon Trapping12:00
Membership Meeting1:00 PM
Ask a Conservation Officer
Association Business Discussion
GF&P Regulation Discussions

Trapping Supply Vendors Available
Concessions Available

Best of the Best Contest
Are you proud of the fur you put up? Would you like to help the SDTA cause?  If so, consider bringing your best put up red fox to the spring convention.  The winner will receive $100 and a framed certificate.

People Choice Photo Contest
Bring your best trap line or fur handling photo to the convention.  We will have an adult and youth division for youth 16 or younger who took the photo themselves.  Bring a photo that you took during your recent trapping adventures for judging so that you can not only share your adventures, but also receive an award for being the People’s Choice Photo Contest Winner.

Skinning Bee-Peterson Furs
4:00Skinning of all donated fur @ Peterson’s Furs
Dinner Provided

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