President's Report January 18 2016

Greetings All,

I hope you’ve had a successful trapping season this year.  I know that prices have been down, but that hasn’t kept most of us from getting out and enjoying the sport.  

Before I jump into too many details, I want to provide some important dates for the SDTA.  Our Spring Convention will be May 7th in Howard, SD at the fairgrounds.  Our Fall Rendezvous will be September 16 & 17 in Parker, SD at the fairgrounds- Please note this date as a previous article had incorrectly stated an earlier date in September.   We also have our ice fishing tournament coming up on January 30th at Indian Springs Lake near Clark, SD.  

On top of these events, we will also have a presence at most of the Dakota Territory Gun Collectors gun shows in Eastern South Dakota and we will have a booth at the soon to occur Black Hills Stock Show.  These events are a great way to help promote trapping to our industry partners such as hunters, ranchers, and other outdoorsmen.  We are able to sell raffle tickets, some tanned fur, hand out educational material on trapping, and spend time visiting with the public dispelling myths.  Over the last few years I’ve taken it upon myself to bring in a variety of different traps to utilize in such conversations.  These traps allow us to demonstrate how the traps work, how they are humane, and help provide advice to someone who may be struggling with a certain trapping technique.  The stock show brings thousands of people from diverse background and is a host to many school field trips during the week it occurs.  It has been a great way for us to get fur in the hands of youth and dispel trapping myths the public may have. 

Recent press has not been so kind to trapping.  As you may know, National Geographic recently published an article about trapping bobcats and how “grisly” and inhumane modern traps are.  Additionally, the Rapid City Journal recently published an article displaying trapping in a negative fashion as someone was trapping within the city along Rapid Creek which has led to a proposal to ban trapping within city limits.  The more we can spend time visiting with individuals from across different backgrounds about trapping, the more we may be able to get in front of such press.  If individuals knew more about trapping and modern advances, they may pause before writing or publishing such articles.  

The SDTA has a variety of brochures available and we have members willing to attend outdoors events to provide education or trapping demonstrations.  If there is something going on in your area, please let one of your directors know so that they might be able to partner with you and help us promote trapping in a positive light. 

Anna Hermanson
President, SDTA

President's Report: August 7, 2015

I would like to start off by thanking everyone who helped make the Western Regional NTA Convention in Sturgis possible.  Thanks to all who volunteered, did demos, set up as a vendor, and all who attended.  There were 543 attendees at the event, which is the largest number of attendees to any Western Regional Convention to date.  The SDTA  received $2,715 in gate fees as our portion for hosting the event.  We also received $500 from the gun donated to us by the Utah Trappers Association which was auctioned off at the event.  This event was a great way for us to learn from others in the region and a great fundraiser for us.

At the convention, we had on the agenda a membership meeting, however only 22 members attended, which was below the 40 required for a quorum.  Thus, no meeting was held as it would have been unfair for all those who were unable to attend and share their thoughts.
We will have another meeting scheduled at our Fall Rendezvous on Saturday @ 1:00.  

Our membership has declined slightly over the last year.  We were up over 400 and are now in the mid 300 range.  This occurred after our increase in membership cost and during a decline in fur prices.  One thing the NTA has done is to diversify their marketing to grow membership numbers.  They have started setting up at hunting events such as Wild Turkey Federation banquets.  This is something we might consider doing as well to help grow our numbers.  

We need strength in numbers to defend trapping.  As many of you know, I recently attended the NTA board of directors meeting.  Maine, Idaho, Montana, and Oregon are a few states currently under attack.  Recently, there was a push to list the sage grouse as an endangered species (this was snuck in as part of congress’ appropriation bill) as part of doing so, this would have shut down trapping, hunting, and grazing on federal land.  Hopefully we will know more by the time of our convention. We really need to stick together more so now than ever. 

A group called Big Game Forever worked to lead the fight against this measure.  They collected many signatures and if you’d like you can sign the petition on their website. At the NTA director meeting, many resources were shared that are available to us as an association to ensure we are prepared when and if we are also attacked.  Several members were working to compile a library of research articles to make those available to states when they need them.  

Many states are being proactive in fights.  One thing they have been doing is ensuring that states are including hunting, fishing, and trapping in their constitution to ensure that this is listed as a right.   This is something we can explore further.
It was shared at the NTA board meeting, that the Colorado Trappers Association is taking over the Miss Rodeo America Fur Coat program.  This was previously done by Jerry Westphal as an individual.  When you see him, thank him for all the years he did this great promotional activity.  

As the NTA rep from SD, I have access to individuals from other states and am networked to identify resources we may need.  In addition to serving as the NTA rep, we are asked to help keep the NTA alive. I also voluntarily serve on the finance, audit, and membership committee for the NTA.   I am looking forward to preparing some articles on Best Management Practices and highlight some of these resources for you in the fall newsletter. –Anna

President's Report May 23,  2015

The SDTA has been working hard to make hosting this NTA convention possible.  We have a great lineup of demos and vendors from all over coming.  This is a unique opportunity for you to attend an NTA event right in your home state.  We highly encourage you to attend.

I’d like to share with you some topics of interest from the SD GF&P.  One topic is regarding the otter population.  The GF&P is working on delisting otters as threatened and endangered species.  I have offered support in working with the GF&P through inquiring from other states who have delisted otters and inquiring about the processes they used.  One thing that will help this is to report any otter sightings and incidental catches to the GF&P.  These numbers help determine the otter population.

Another topic is the issue brought forward to the GF&P by private trappers relating to having a 3 day trap check in Eastern, SD.  This issue has come up in the past and has brought attention from non-trappers resulting in us fighting to oppose a 24 hour trap check.  I’d like for us to discuss this at our upcoming meeting in Sturgis.

Another issue that was brought to the GF&P by some trappers was the request to eliminate the limited season restrictions on non-resident trappers.  This will also be a topic for discussion on our meeting agenda in Sturgis.

Several members had asked about extending the bobcat season to all of East River for 1 bobcat instead of the limited counties it is in now.  The GF&P indicated that there is not enough scientific evidence to support doing so and that this would not be a priority for them to research.  We discussed as to whether our members could help collected data either through live trap catches or game cameras.  They were open to the idea although further planning would need to be done.  We can discuss further at our meeting.  We’ll also discuss the West River bobcat season at our meeting.  Please be advised that these are topics that will be discussed at our membership meeting.  If you'd like to be part of the discussions, please plan to purchase your SDTA membership before the meeting.

In case anyone was wondering what the 2015-2016 proposed trapping rules will be, here they are.  There are basically no changes.  Keep in mind, bobcat are not mentioned here as they will be proposed in August.  

GFP Commission Finalizes Several Furbearer Seasons PIERRE, S.D. - The South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks (GFP) Commission finalized several furbearer seasons at their meeting last week. These furbearer seasons remain unchanged and will run under the same season structure as last year. The skunk, opossum, jackrabbit, fox, raccoon and badger seasons will all be open statewide and year-round. The mink and weasel trapping season will run statewide from Nov. 1, 2015 - Jan. 31, 2016. The muskrat trapping season will run year-round for all areas of the state west of the Missouri River, except within the Black Hills Fire Protection District south of Interstate 90 and west of SD Highway 79 and from Nov. 1, 2015 - April 30, 2016, for all areas of the state east of the Missouri River and portions of the Black Hills Fire Protection District south of Interstate 90 and west of SD Highway 79. The muskrat hunting season will run statewide from April 1 - Aug. 31, 2015. Only landowners and lessees, including School and Public Lands surface lease holders, on land they own or operate and state, county, or township highway officials within public road rights-of-way are allowed to take muskrats during the season. Non-toxic shot is required for shotguns. - 

See you in Sturgis- 
Anna Hermanson, President, SDTA

President's Report March 15, 2015 to appear in April Magazine Issue of Trappers Post.

Greetings Fellow Trappers,

By the time you read this the Western National Convention will soon be upon us.  In case you haven’t heard, the South Dakota Trappers Association will be hosting the Western Regional National Trappers Association Convention June 4-6 in Sturgis, SD at the Buffalo Chip Campground.  The convention will also host our Spring Membership Meeting.  This event looks to be a good one, as Vendor space sold out in a very short time frame.  From hearing around, it sounds like there will be many coming from not only the west but our neighboring eastern states as well.  There will be a plethora of vendors and tailgaters as well as high quality demonstrations, family events, and lots of camping.  Sturgis has several hotels and is within 30 minutes of Deadwood and Spearfish which both bode a plethora of hotel accommodations.  The Buffalo Chip is within an hour of many tourists attractions including Mount Rushmore.  We have even set up a bus tour to Deadwood through partnering with the First Gold Hotel and Casino in Deadwood on Saturday.  This is the SDTA’s first hosting of an NTA event and we are looking forward to welcoming everyone to our great state.  For our local members, this is a great opportunity to attend such a grand event.  Also, we will be hosting our best of the best event here, which this year features the ever so famous skunk, so don’t forget to bring your best put up skunk.  In addition, our People’s Choice photo contest will continue on, bring your best taken photo.   Please come and attend this wonderful event. I should add, that since this is an NTA convention, there will be a nominal charge at the gate which is good for all three days.  From past experiences though, it is well worth it.
In other news, our legislative session is wrapping up and has thankfully been very quiet as far as trapping goes.  Early in May the SD Game Fish and Parks Wildlife Division will be presenting their proposed trapping regulations to the Game Fish and Parks Commission.  This will have followed an opportunity for the SDTA to provide input to the GF&P in early April.   Even though we are able to meet with them and offer our feedback, we do not get to determine what the GF&P will actually send forward.  However, this has worked well for us in the past to help provide feedback and squelch any regulations that would significantly hinder trapping.
I look forward to seeing everyone in Sturgis June 4-6.

Anna Hermanson
President, South Dakota Trappers Association

President's Update November 16, 2014

Greetings SDTA Members,

It is now November 15th and I am currently busy putting together the newsletter now that I have received all of the reports from our directors.  I know many of you are busy out on your trap lines and I hope you are having some great luck this year.  I look forward to starting my line here soon. 
Our Best of the Best competition this year will feature the ever so loved Skunk.  If you take pride in putting up your fur, go ahead and grab the best skunk you can catch, put it up, and bring it to the Spring Meeting in Sturgis.  The best of the best reviews all put up donated skunks to the SDTA.  The skunks are judged on both on the quality of putting up the fur and the quality of the fur. The winner receives an award and gift certificate for their excellence in fur preparation.
About one week ago, Tamara Masterson from the NTA came out to view the Buffalo Chip site with John Hopple and I.  We discussed future plans for the upcoming Western National Convention which will be June 4-6, 2015 at the Buffalo Chip campground in Sturgis.  This is a great opportunity to experience a regional convention with attendees from many states.  This is also a great opportunity to plan your family’s summer vacation.  Sturgis is only an hour from Mount Rushmore and about 30 minutes from Deadwood.  Reasonably on site camping is available on site and there are a plethora of hotel options in the area.   While Tamara was here we discussed details of the convention, toured the grounds, and measured the buildings.  Our convention site features natural water ponds, plenty of parking, plenty of camping, and a great location to visit.  We will need all the volunteers we can get to put on this convention.  Some volunteer duties would include working the gate, setting up the buildings, and taking down the setup within the buildings on Sunday after the convention.   In the past, I enjoyed visiting the Western national conventions as I was able to learn many new techniques and pick up some great deals on trapping supplies (that is in addition to making some new friends).

Recently, John Hopple, our newest director went to Scheels to provide some trapping education to the sales staff at Scheels of Rapid City.  Scheels contacted us requesting some education about the supplies they were selling to help their staff improve both their sales skills and expertise about trapping.  John did a great job and the demonstration was very well received.  This was a great opportunity for us to help spread good trapping practices to those visiting Scheels who are interested in getting started in trapping.

Currently, we are in the process of getting raffle tickets ready for our 2015 Sportsman’s raffle.  Our next upcoming events are the gun show in Brookings and the Black Hills Stock Show and Rodeo in Rapid City.  At these events we will set up booths where we sell raffle tickets and fur, but also use the opportunity to visit with the public about trapping and the benefits it provides.  It is a great opportunity to help overcome some of the common misconceptions about trapping.  The stock show has thousands of visitors each year. At this event, I have never had the opportunity to change so many people’s minds about what they thought trapping was.  If you’d like to come join us at any of our event booths, please let a director’ know. We’d love to have you join us or even just stop by and say hello.

We are also working out details of the 2015 Fall Rendezvous.  John Guest has been ironing out details to have the convention at the fairgrounds in Clark, South Dakota.  We are right now about 90% certain the fall convention will be in Clark, South Dakota September 11 & 12 in 2015.

Many of you may already know we recently lost one of our trapping legends. Mr. Alan Drovdahl recently passed away.  Alan had been with the SDTA since the beginning.  As I reviewed many articles from the beginning of the SDTA Alan played an integral part.  He truly is a trapping legend that will be remembered by many.

The Western National convention in Sturgis will also serve as our 2015 spring convention this year.  Our membership meeting will take place during the event.  I look forward to seeing as many of you there as we can. 

Happy Holidays & Best Wishes,

Anna Hermanson
President, South Dakota Trappers Association

July 22, 2014  President's Update

SDTA will host the 2015 Western National Convention  in Sturgis at the Buffalo Chip June 4-6.

I am currently in Escanaba, MI at the NTA convention, look for an update soon.

I look forward to seeing you all in Yakton in September.

May 15, 2014  President’s Report


As many of you know we just wrapped up our spring convention in Howard.  It was a great success.  I’m not going to bore you with the details, as those are in the Secretary’s report.  I would like to give a huge thank you to John Karlen for donating $1,000 towards our billboard program.  This donation will help replace our billboard near Kranzberg.  I would also like to thank Randy and Julie Shumaker for helping get the building ready and work out some of the logistics for our spring meeting.  Thank you to everyone who helped out.  Thanks to Brenda Roberts from Russell, KS for helping with lunch.  Thanks to Joe & Cayden Carda for helping with the grubstakes, and thanks to those doing demos: Matt Bennett, Jeff Clark, and Pete Peterson.  
I would also like to thank Pete Peterson for hosting the skinning bee at Peterson furs.  We were blessed with quite a few fur donations, especially beaver and coon.  Those who helped at the skinning bee were Pete Peterson, Chad Halls, Joe Carda, Bud Hart, Dave Hermanson, and Anna Hermanson.  Many thanks to Sue for preparing lunch for everyone and to the Petersons for donating a meal for those skinning and putting up furs.  During the skinning bee Bud lost a couple of his knives.  If anyone has seen or ended up with his knives, please let one of us know.  We ended up with so much fur, Bud took part of it home to complete and Jeff Clark took some beaver home to finish up as well.  I think Galen may have even ended up with some skunks to finish.

I did ask Gary to check on our non-profit status with the IRS.  Everything is still tied up in their backlog and we won’t know anything until at least July they indicated.
After the meeting, the directors got together and discussed some things we could do to help enhance trapper education.  All directors present agreed to get together with their local conservation officer to host a public trapping education and information event later this year.  This is to help promote sound ethics practices, promote best management practices, provide an overview of trapping, and answer any questions the public may have.  We have had great luck in getting these set up so far.  Once we have dates we will work with locals to advertise the events and get them posted on our website.  If you live in an area and would be willing in helping put on one of these events, please let one of us know.  These are going to be important as we have recently been put in the spotlight.  The recent use of live mammals as bait made the front page of the Rapid City journal on mother’s day.  They did interview me for this article and I assured them this was not a common practice and that we promote ethical trapping practices.  This article was supposed to be put in an outdoors section, and seemed so attention worthy they put it on the front page.

Our Fall Rendezvous is planned in Yankton, SD on September 12-13 at the NFAA East Yankton Archery Complex.  The address is 800 Archery Lane, Yankton, SD.  I have already been getting interest from Vendors and it looks to be a great event.  We have a nice grassy area near the building where tents could easily be placed.  I am also told the KOA campground is within walking distance of the facility and that the Super 8 is very near.  We will be close to water as well which is perfect for some of our water demos.  I look forward to seeing everyone there.-Anna Hermanson, President SDTA

May SDTA Secretary’s Report: John Guest

SDTA Membership Meeting, May 5, 2014

Directors in attendance: Anna Hermanson, Joe Carda, Gary Fawbush, John Guest, Bud Hart, Jeff Clark and Matt Bennett.

Best of the Best “Red fox” was awarded to Steve Halverson, Chester, SD

People’s choice photo was awarded to Mrs. Dave Skiede, Webster, SD; there were no entries for the youth division.

President’s Award: Anna presented Gary Fawbush with the president’s award for all of his dedication and hard  work taking over our memberships, managing our memberships, taking over our record keeping and always doing an amazing job.  His hard work and dedication are greatly appreciated. .

Youth Grubstakes winner was Grayden Furney, Scotland, SD.  Adult Grubstakes winner was Larry Gauger, Howard, SD

The drawing for the FBU gun was held at this event.  The FBU Gun winner was Dave Hermanson, Hot Springs, SD

Billboard donation of $1000 was made by John Karlen.

Tanned Fur: Jeff thanked all that donated furs to the tanned fur program.

Trappers Post Update: The magazine is increasing its price from $12 to $13. This doesn’t leave the association with much money to work with for our remaining mailings so a motion was made to raise the annual membership price to $30 and seconded by Charlie Bodi. Lifetime and 5 year memberships were also discussed, it was decided that lifetime memberships would not be feasible and the directors would look into the cost effectiveness of the 5 year memberships.

Trailer Sponsor Update: John gave an updated list of the sponsors, and stated that the annual renewal date for sponsorship will be August 1st, beginning 2015.
NTA Western Regional: The SDTA is currently applying to host the 2015 Western National. South Dakota is competing with Montana to host the event. If we are chosen as host we plan to hold the convention at the Buffalo Chip in Sturgis, SD.

Ask a CO: Chad Williams – Moody County, Evan Myron – Howard, SD, and Andy Peterson of Mitchell, SD were the CO’s present for “Ask a Conservation Officer” Topics discussed included: Bobcat seasons/units, river otter seasons, night hunting coyotes, use of rim fires and night optics, recessed cubbies, and the potential of creating another furbearer biologist. The use of artificial light when checking traps was another topic, yes it is permissible to possess both an artificial light and firearm while checking traps/sets. However, there is NO recreational shining after 10pm, such as looking for deer.

CREP: CREP is a combination of walk in area and CRP. The landowner receives the CRP payment from the federal government and the GFP pays the landowner the walk in payment. There is currently no trapping on CREP unless you obtain permission from the landowner. Driving on CREP acres for trapping purposes only is also permissible if the landowner grants you that right.

220 Law: All members were in favor on NOT repealing the 220 law, keep the 7” recess.

GF&P Proposals: There are 2 changes proposed from 2013, use of live bait “mammals and birds” and the removal of all trapping equipment off of public lands at seasons close.  Discussions at the meeting showed that there was not an opposition to either of these members.  Anna did mention she asked if it could be a restriction for items above ground so that if someone had to cut an earth anchor below ground and leave it they would be able to.  There was no word on whether this recommendation would be adopted.  A third topic discussed was some public input to open trapping on walk-in areas.  It was discussed that this was some thought walk-in areas should be open to trapping.  Several years ago trapping was excluded from the walk in areas.  When this happened, trappers were required to ask permission from land owners to be able to trap on that land.  This also meant that a surcharge was removed from the trapping licenses for walk in areas.  Additionally, it meant that trappers could drive on walk in areas while trapping.  However, if while checking traps they shot a deer while driving on the land, they would be fined as driving while hunting on walk in areas is prohibited.  The GFP did not submit a proposal for this switch, but rather a private individual is petitioning to get the commission to make a decision on the topic.  

Thanks: SDTA directors and members thanked the CO’s for attending and answering our questions.

Greetings Everyone!!April 13, 2014

As many of you may know, your directors were invited to meet with the game fish and parks to provide input, and receive information on what issues will likely come up with the Game Fish and Parks Commission in the near future. The first Issue brought up was the current trap check regulations.  Anti-trapping groups are providing input to reduce the trap check regulation to as little as 24 hours.  Both the SDTA and West River Fur Harvesters provided strong arguments to keep the trap check regulations as they are.   This seemed to be well received by GF&P officials, however they urged us to use these arguments at commission meetings where antis may argue the opposite as they urge officials to make more stringent regulations.  

The second issue discussed was covered muskrat floats.  There was some discussion this year that waterfowl were being caught in muskrat floats.  There are studies taking place in North Dakota right now to determine the benefit of using covered muskrat floats.  Preliminary results were indicating that some waterfowl seemed to be drawn into a covered float showing they were not necessarily beneficial in reducing incidental waterfowl catches.  However, these results are preliminary and the discussion of requiring covered floats or restricted bait on floats will be delayed until the study is completed and final results are available.

The third issue discussed was that involving the bobcat seasons.  Several SDTA directors brought forward a preference that it should be opened in all of East River with a limit of one, so that if an incidental catch occurred, an individual could keep that bobcat.  During the last bobcat season 18 bobcats were caught east river.  In terms of the West River season, more controversy may be on the table.  Last season yielded 320 bobcats west river and in the back hills.  Of those 320, 47 were caught in the Black Hills.  Preliminary data analysis shows that the male to female ratio was 1.55 (last years was 0.9) and only 13% of the catch being juveniles.  Of the harvest, 67% were from traps, 18% were from snares, and 4% were taken with dogs. This last harvest was taken by 139 trappers the previous season had 281 people harvesting bobcats. As you may be aware, the last bobcat season was shortened by 2 weeks due to concerns in the population.  The reduced season was effective in reducing the harvest and preliminary research indicates the potential that the population is healthy, but a large amount of input from individuals is coming in urging the GF&P to shorten the season further or reduce the harvest to a quota system.  Both the SDTA and West River Fur Harvesters strongly opposed this and the WRFH asked that they add the 2 weeks they took off the beginning to the end of the season.  This will likely be a topic of controversy in the future GF&P commission meetings. Also, the GF&P is separating out the bobcat season to bring forward proposals related to bobcats in August when mountain lion proposals are brought forward and finalize those seasons in October. This could bring even more anti input as the mountain lion species brings much attention from anti groups.

Mink season was also discussed.  Some folks had sent in letters asking that it be moved both earlier and later than it had in the past.  It looked as though there would probably be no change in the start date.  A discussion also occurred discussing incidental catches during the muskrat season.  It was felt that this opened the door to individuals targeting mink during muskrat season.  A discussion occurred about keeping the season open later.  This was followed by a reference that the season ended when it did due to mink breading season taking place late season.  I am predicting that there will be no change in the mink season in the upcoming year, although we will know when the proposals come out May 1st.

The beaver season was discussed regarding East River out of season beaver trapping.  Several people thought that if they get a permit to catch problem beaver out of season they should be allowed to keep the carcass. The SDTA pushed for this and GF&P staff appeared to agree.  They intended to go back to their law staff to see what could be done to help these individuals keep the catches they make.  This would take some law research to ensure that brining this forward was done the right way.

A discussion occurred on restricting the use of live bait.  Some individuals were reported using live animals in live traps to capture animals such as coyotes and bobcats.  The animals were young mammals, and the public perception of these uses was not well received by the public and could potentially be a threat to trapping in the future.  Both associations were in favor of restricting the use of live bait.  We also discussed how this could be worded to allow for the use of fish or mice in certain sets.  

Another discussion occurred about the removal of trapping equipment on public lands.  A few years ago, the SDTA worked to implement a regulation that traps could not be set ahead of season such as to mark spots as yours during the opening of trapping season.  Some folks are apparently leaving behind snares, snare supports, disposable trap stakes, and other equipment.  It was discussed that perhaps there should be a date set in May to have all of this equipment removed.  We further discussed that not always, could disposable anchors be removed.  It looks as though this regulation may move forward requiring people to remove all equipment above ground should be removed by a date set by the GF&P, which is likely to be May 1st.

Trapping on Walk-In Areas was also discussed. Currently, trapping is not allowed without permission on Walk-In Areas.  Apparently, this was brought forward by the West River Fur Harvesters several years ago.  After this occurred, the surcharge on trapping licenses for using Walk-In areas was also removed.  The history behind this was that on large ranches, there were many miles to cover.  If it was a Walk-In Area you could not use a motorized vehicle to check your traps.  Whereas, if trapping was not allowed, you could work out an arrangement with the land owner and use a motorized vehicle to set and check traps. I was not involved when this was brought forward and the SDTA did not voice an opinion on this until we had an opportunity to receive input from our members.  The WRFH strongly opposed opening walk in areas.  The GF&P seemed as though they would not be bringing a proposal forward on this, although it seems as though this may be petitioned to become a regulation to the GF&P by other trappers.  Please let us know your thoughts on this.

The body grip regulations were discussed.  A couple years ago we were facing the potential elimination of using body grip traps on public lands if they were not recessed 7”.  This was due to incidental catches.  Since this regulation was implemented, the number of incidental catches of dogs has gone down.  The regulation seems to be working and is also protecting our image in the public by showing responsibility and reducing the number of incidental dog catches.  Both associations voiced that they are in favor of keeping this regulation.  A third group of trappers is trying to repeal the regulation, which puts at risk our trapping rights in the future.

Discussions took place about potentially removing the protected status on the swift fox.  Further research will be done on all state threatened and endangered species to work towards delisting some of them.  River otter was brought up, and it was discussed they were still researching them.  One person brought up, what about limiting a season of one river otter per trapper to get an idea of population.  The idea was taken into consideration, but no further discussion occurred.
A final discussion took place regarding allowing non-residents to come into South Dakota for UKC sponsored coon dog events.  Currently, non-residents are not allowed.  A representative from a houndsman group was pushing to allow non-residents in for these sponsored events.  The SDTA did not make a statement about our stance on this topic at that time.  '

Anna Hermanson (President, SDTA)

Previous News: January 2014

Greetings fellow trappers.   We have finalized our convention locations and dates.  We also have some issues we are closely following

Current Issues

  • There is talk going around to start up a raccoon trapping season.  Apparently this year many people started trapping coon in September before they were prime.  There has been talk of setting season dates to keep this from happening.  So far, the talk is of having a season on public land only which would include road right of ways.  Private land would be exempt.
  • There is also a legislative bill being introduced where animal cruelty would be considered a felony.  Hunnters and Trappers were concerned about the wording of this bill.  As of now, there is a clause exculding anything involving the game fish and parks sucha s huting or trapping from inclusion into this bill.
  • If you have any comments on these bills or hear of any others, please contact Joe Carda or any of your directors.

SDTA 2014 Fall Convention

September 12 & 13 in Yankton,SD


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