Awards & Raffle Winners

Every year at the fall convention the SDTA likes to acknowledge a handful of special people. These are people nominated to the Directors for their efforts, hard work and dedication to trapping.

Nominations will be accepted starting 1 August normally and the Directors vote on our annual award winners just prior to the Fall convention in September.

To nominate anyone all you need to do is contact a director and provide a short reason why you think this person is the one deserving of this award.


Acknowledgements & Awards 2023

The Koffler Award: Matt & Nancy Bennett


The Koffler Award is awarded to an individual for their total dedication to the betterment of trapping. It is a once in a lifetime award and our highest award.


Lee Baldwin Award (Formally the Benefactor of the Year Award) Winner: Dave Skiede


The Lee Baldwin Award is awarded to any business, organization or person who has either financially or otherwise supported the SDTA above and beyond normal support. Usually a program or activity was funded or service provided that would not have been possible without their support.


Most Improved Youth Trapper: Gage Imberi


The Most Improved Youth Award is awarded to a youth (under 16) who has demonstrated the most improvement in either trapping or fur handling.


Volunteer of the Year: Galen Sichmeller


The Volunteer of the Year award is open to any SDTA member who has contributed to the success of the SDTA over the course of the year. Either a one time event such as set up/clean of the convention or all year such as helping with billboards.
Woman of the year: Trina Lien
Being named Woman of the Year is open to any woman who either traps or supports her spouse/relative in their trapping activities or SDTA involvement. 


We also LOVE to give some lucky folks prizes!!! At our fall convention we have a variety of grubstake draws, gun draws, our annual 10 prize Sportsman's Raffle!

Many of these prizes are donated to us by our vendors and sponsors. Please take the chance to thank them and patronize their web sites or booths at our conventions.


Raffle Winners 2023

Sportsman's Raffle Winners:

10. Noah McIntyre
9. Aaron Doyscher
8. Mark Leonhardt
7. Mike Winters
6. Ken McDonald
5. Rita Frank
4. Sullivan Nedved
3. Bill Larson
2. Susan Hopple
1. Charlie Bode


Drawing Winners:
Youth Gun - Colt Alexander
Youth Grubstake - Gage Whitehead
Ladies’ Grubstake - Kim Thompson
Adult Grubstake - Dianne Rieck