Legislative Alerts

We will do our best to post any and all news that will have an impact on your trapping rights in the State of South Dakota.  Please remember, if you choose to attend any meetings that it is imperative that you put your best foot forward and keep any and all communication respectful and polite.  Also, remember that facts are our ally and please use tact at all times.  To contact a commissioner and voice your opinion please click HERE


Also we will include any legislation with other states so we can keep up to date and informed and show them our support.

*** NTA Alert - Kentucky Trapping Request for Bill ***
This past November Senator Julie Raque Adams of Kentucky introduced BR 492 which would amend KRS 150.400 and would prohibit commercially spring loaded traps. If successful these new restrictions would detrimentally impact management of predators and fur bearers within the state of Kentucky.
This is yet one more attack on trapping nationwide. You can state your opposition by email to julie.adams@lrc.ky.gov or phone calls to 502-564-2450.
The National Trappers Association stands firmly behind the trappers of Kentucky on this issue.